Countless are his experiences in theatre, where he creates and signs costumes for the opera “Gentile da Fabriano” working alongside Antonio Paolucci, revered director of the Sistina Theatre; he collaborated with costume designer Sandra Cardini for whom he created the costumes for “Tartufo”, for the directing of Carlo Cecchi; he established collaborations with Festi Studio for several plays in North and South Italy; in 2011 he took part on the making of several costumes, comissioned by the Pieroni laboratory in Rome, for “Turandot” – signed by Maurizio Millenotti for the directing of Franco Zafirelli; in 2012 he signed and created the costumes of “Re Lear” for the directing of Michele Placido and Francesco Manetti; during the same year he signed and created the costumes for “Il mare dove nascono i Miti” for the directing of Edoardo Siravo with Vanessa Gravina and in February 2013 he entirely created the costumes of “Rigoletto” for Carlo Felice of  Genoa, signed by the well known fashion designer Regina Schrecker.

Later on he started his collaboration with master Giorgio Albertazzi where he signed and created all his latest plays: “Il mercante di Venezia”, “La Tempesta” and “Memorie di Adriano”, in addition to the magnificent stagings directed by Daniele Salvo, “Dionysus” from Bacchae of Euripides, “Il Funambolo”, “Ho dichiarato guerra al tempo” and the wonderful stagings of “Re Lear” with Giuseppe Pambieri for the directing of Giancarlo Marinelli, where he also signed and created the costumes.

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