Hand-crafting passion

Fashion and costumes are part of the common cultural heritage and as such they are worthy of being studied, valued, preserved. Following this philosophy the costume shop Gelsi realises:

This tradition, certainly among the Italian excellences for ages, which risks to get lost in time continues its path alongside an enthusiastic and able young man like Daniele Gelsi, owner of the costume shop Gelsi in Gualdo Tadino. It is in the family costume shop that discovers his passion for the hand-crafted work, where he acquires and mature his preparation.

Clothing that speak of study, of shades and of high sartoriality.

Admiring and touching these wonderful creations constitute a journey trough style and elegance, as result of a magnificent crafting ability. The style is unmistakable, accurate, ascribable to precise historical periods. 

To the touch, at the sight of those creations, the senses are flooded with multiple sensations and the memory of  the rustling of such fine fabrics appears to open a path on these unique surroundings, all in the spirit of the tradition of a great school.

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