The Origins…

The costume shop “Gelsi Costumi d’Arte”, arise from the work of tailor and costume designer Daniele Gelsi.

Originally from the Umbrian town of Gualdo Tadino (Perugia), Daniele Gelsi gains his first professional experiences in his native tailor’s shop, where he acquires the love for details, the sense of color and the craftsmanship of his creations, refining his pronounced artistic taste, in this early playground.

But only after having attended, still in very young age, important classes and apprenticeships on this precious art and on the past of the historical and theatrical costumes, his preparation emerged complete. 

Giorgio Tani…

At this point occures the encounter that changed a life.

Giorgio Tani, for 40 years cornerstone of the illustrious “Casa d’Arte Cerratelli” of Florence, described as «the biggest prince of the Italian tailoring art», takes him by his side.

In the period between 1995 and 2003, Daniele collaborates with the master, faithfully following his work. He soon becomes his favourite student, learning the tricks of the trade and the technique of the “historical approach”, an art as difficult as affascinating.

Thanks to the affectionate teachings of Tani, Daniele Gelsi brings toward maturation his already manifested aptitudes in the field of costume designing and theatrical tailoring; also thanks to the study of wonderful movie costumes of some of the most known  Italian cinema icons: La bsibetica domata, Romeo and Juliet, Fratello sole, sorella luna, that Tani created for the Danilo Donati Oscar, and La Maria Stuarda, with costumes signed by Anna Anni, all directed by Franco Zeffirelli. 

From such experts, Daniele gathers that which will become his most peculiar design signiture and the essential feature of his work, where the philological study of art costumes and their faithfully and refined reproduction combine, where necessary, to the taste for pictorial citation and to the impulse of unforseen, spectacular or meaningful invention.

The Legacy…

Shortly before his passing, in 2003, Giorgio Tani entrusts his “grand scissors” to Daniele Tani, doting symbol of legacy and artistic continuity.

For Daniele, this isn’t only the seal of a wonderful and long-lasting friendship, but an incentive to continue his own personal research inside the noble Italian tradition of art costumes and historical garments.


His professional career grows relentless and so his theatrical and cinematographic collaborations, at the beginning as an assistant and later on as a costume designer, tailor and creator, becoming subject of an increasing esteem.

Among the countless experiences collected during the past years, we can cite the works with Carlo Cecchi for “Il Tartufo di Molière”, with Tommasso Paolucci, for a long time executive director of “Sistina Theatre” in Rome. For Luciano Capozzi, he designs costumes for movies and drama shows of great success:

  • the international co-production “Los Borgias” (2006, which costumes obtained the nomination to Goya Prizes in Spain)
  • “La Figlia di Elisa – Ritorno a Rivombrosa” (2007)
  • “Il falco e la colomba” (2009)
  • “Il commissario Nardone” (2012)

As a costume designer Gelsi sings the costumes of  “Re Lear” directed and interpreted by Michele Placido (2012), of the last plays of master Giorgio Albertazzi – “Il mercante di Venezia” (2014), “La tempesta” (2015) and the revival of “Memorie di Adriano” (2015), best performance of the actor – all the way to the most recent productions of the young and eclectic director, Daniele Salvo: “Dionysus, il dio nato due volte” from Bacchae of Euripides (2016), “Il funambolo” of Jean Genet (216), “Ho dichiarato guerra al tempo” (2016) and for the direction of Giancarlo Marinelli, another “Re Lear” (2016), this time with Giuseppe Pambieri as the main character.

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