Countless are his experiences in theatre, where he creates and signs costumes for the opera“Gentile da Fabriano” working alongside Antonio Paolucci, revered director of the Sistina Theatre.



Daniele Gelsi boasts various collaborations as assistant, costume designer, creative tailor of garment and costumes for movies and TV dramas, such as “Los Borgias”, “La figlia di Elisa – Ritorno a Rivombrosa”…


Historical reenactments

Daniele Gelsi is among the most esteemed rebuilders of historical costumes and works for the most famous Italian historical reenactments


Costume shop

The costume shop “Gelsi Costumi d’Arte”, arise from the work of tailor and costume designer Daniele Gelsi.

Originally from the Umbrian town of Gualdo Tadino (Perugia), Daniele Gelsi gains his first professional experiences in the native tailor’s shop, where he acquires the love for details, the sense of color and the craftsmanship of his creations, refining his pronounced artistic taste, in this early playground.



Attention for details

An unmistakable, accurate style, ascribable to precise historical periods.

Selected materials

Admiring and touching these wonderful creations constitute a journey trough style and elegance.

Art & tradition

Fashion is part of the common cultural heritage and as such is worthy of being studied, valued, preserved.

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